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My husband and I had the pleasure of going on an Art Deco Tour with Marty. We thoroughly enjoyed all the knowledge and expertise Marty shared with us. Even though the day was rainy and gray, Marty knew how to work with it. He tailor made the tour for us and the other couple that went on the tour. We appreciated the follow-up highlights and the link showing Art Deco architecture in our own city. Don't miss this tour if you are in the Miami Beach area.

Mary & David Chavetz, Milwaukee, WI - January 17, 2016

We live in the Key West and visit Miami from time to time for a change of pace. A friend recommended Art Deco Walks to us and we are so glad we spent the time learning about South Beach's fascinating history and how it fits in to the development of the Art Deco movement of the 20th century. Marty led us and five others on the morning tour, which spans a few blocks. He does a great job of weaving history, culture, and architecture together into a compelling story. In the end, we felt we had a much better appreciation for the place and will enjoy our NEXT visit to South Beach all the more. We highly recommend the tour!!

Rob & Lisa Brumbaugh, Key West, FL - December 28, 2015

The tour started with Paula regaling us with a history of the area while we enjoyed the cool ocean breeze in the shade of palm trees and then we started strolling through the neighborhood. (Paula was very thoughtful and made sure all of our "talking stops" were in the shade!) Her knowledge of the area and especially of the Art Deco District was amazing - I can't believe how much we learned!

Lisa Saunders, Boynton Beach, Florida - September 21, 2015

"You Walk With Your Eyes". The title of this review is a quote from Marty Mueller the poetic and expert guide who showed me the delights and beauty of Art Deco Miami Beach. I had a short stopover in Miami and contacted Marty beforehand to enquire about a tour. Marty was efficient and accommodating, He responded quickly, offering me the option of a private walk as my flight times did not fit with his scheduled tours. Payment was easy and straightforward and in my opinion extremely reasonable. He arranged to meet me in an easy to access location and even greeted me with a bottle of ice cold water. Marty is clever and interesting. The tour is amazing. First class.

Ruth Yearly, London, England - August 1, 2015

Marty is great. Unlike the other tours we found, he doesn't make you pick from a limited list of available time slots; he worked around our schedule. One other couple joined us and we were off! He took us to some of the iconic South Beach spots, but more important than what we saw at each one, we left with an eye for Art Deco in general; on our way home we kept recognizing Art Deco elements in other buildings that we had seen a thousand times but never noticed before. Marty is fun, funny, and the kind of guy who rolls with the punches; whatever we threw at him (comments, jokes, questions), became a part of his shpiel. All in all, a great end to our South Beach stay!

Avi Frier, Hollywood FL - April 27, 2015

Paula deftly guided us through the art scene in Miami's Wynwood district. Her knowledge of the installations and the artists and crews greatly enhanced our appreciation of this emerging phenomenon. Don't confuse graffiti with street art, and don't feel like you are racing through the museum and missing the Mona Lisa... Paula knows the pick of the scene and walks you through it, culminating with the Wynwood Walls, a park-like outdoor gallery. Not to be missed!

Paul Churchill & Katherine Millard, Jacou, France - March 25, 2015

My husband (architecture junkie) and I took this terrific tour with Marty. It was by far the best way for us to get a real feel for the Art Deco district in South Beach. For two hours you learn and are entertained by great informational stories, fun facts and little extras that make the area come alive. Marty went above just the tour we hired him for, he gave us a complete list of recommended places to eat, things to see during our stay and ideas on how to make our vacation the best possible. We really enjoyed ourselves and would not hesitate to recommend this tour to everyone visiting the area.

Diane & Mike Doddridge, Ft. Collins, Colorado - March 5, 2015

Again for the third time, we took the Art Deco Tour with Paula and Marty. My husband and I went 3 years ago by ourselves and for the last 2 years have taken friends when they came to Florida to visit. It was fantastic! Paula took special care of us including giving my husband a birthday gift. We had a wonderful tour and learned so much about the history and architecture of Miami Beach. We are from near Buffalo, NY and are interested in getting home to put our new knowledge of art deco to use by touring Buffalo and really seeing its architecture.

Pat & John Will, Batavia, New York - February 20, 2015

Marty was the perfect guide for our ArtDeco tour: he appeared precisely on time as promised, he was knowledgeable, he was clear, he was funny -- in fact, he was perfect. We have taken his business card to recommend to all our friends who plan to visit.

Mark Walfish, New York City - January 3, 2015

Marty gave us a terrific bike tour of South Beach. I especially appreciated his care in engaging each member of our group, calling us by name and pointing out details that would interest the golf pro, the minister, the college kid, and the two teens. A good history and culture lesson for all of us and a nice combination of casual biking, people-watching, and short lectures. All 5 family members enjoyed it. Highly recommend!

Jodi & Billy Andrade & family, Atlanta GA - January 1, 2015

A fabulous tour with Paula through the graffiti and street art district of Wynwood in Miami. She not only knows her Art Deco and historical Miami/Miami Beach, but she's tuned in to this "hip" art form done by both young and established artists. She knows who's doing what and the different styles and opens your eyes in a fun and informative way. Very cool!

Stephanie Harwood, New Caanan CT - December 5, 2014

Paula was a good guide to educate and entertain. She stopped at the best vantage points to see each particular hotel. She took us inside some lobbies and top decks, just as promised in their ad. She knew the subject matter well. We had a personal issue that required us to finish the tour at a particular time and she was very accommodating with our request. After the tour, she emailed us an overview of the tour which is much appreciated, because I like to keep the information. I have lived in South Florida since 1951 and I always wanted to learn more about the Art Deco area. I would recommend this company's tour.

Pat Tobey, Celebrations Weddings, Fort Lauderdale FL - November 17, 2014